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dispar is a spin-off from the highly acclaimed UK Butterflies website and brings you a variety of Lepidoptera-related articles. We are open to submissions from any enthusiast wanting to share their experiences and observations, so please take a look at the submission guidelines and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Notes and Views

We're particularly keen to ensure that observations made by the ever-growing population of Lepidoptera enthusiasts are not overlooked. At regular intervals we publish a summary of "Notes and Views" from our contributors. These are relatively-concise when compared with more-extensive articles.

Immature Stages and More

Contributions may include any branch of Lepidoptera and not just adult butterflies and moths, such as immature stages, behaviour, parasites, ecology, conservation, habitat and the like.

Photos and Videos

One of the advantages of an online resource over a printed work is that dispar is able to publish any number of photos and also videos. Videos are particularly useful in showing behaviour, such as the fascinating courtship ritual of a Wood White or the courtship flight of the Silver-washed Fritillary.

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Notes and Views, Issue 9 - January to April 2017

Guy Padfield
09 July 2017
Peter Eeles
20 May 2017
Abstract: This edition of Notes and Views provides a summary of interesting items posted on UK Butterflies and other media between 1st January and 30th April 2017.

Vince Massimo and Peter Eeles
09 May 2017